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Site Rules
« on: September 20, 2011, 10:33:47 pm »
#1.1 Swagger tries to aim all public content at a general audience. Please refrain from posting vulgar responses, drug-related topics, nudity, ****, and explicit content. Such contact hidden in spoiler tags is not allowed as well.

#1.2 Problems with the board structure, management, or members within the forum should be handled with the staff only. Please do not take problems into your own hands. Such problems would result in infractions of one or both parties. Refer to the report system, or make a claim with the staff.

#1.3 Problems with the board management / staff should be admitted to the Administrators of the board. Please refrain from posting problems in public, as these threads will be removed. Either contact the mod directly, or create a support claim. Some Administrators are open to Private Messages for these types of problems.

#1.4 This is an English-speaking forum. All messages, posts, titles, and content must be in English.

#1.5 Mini-modding is not tolerated. Do not take problems into your own matters, all problems should be reported to the staff. Refrain from responses such as, but not limited to: "Reported", "Wrong Section", etc...

#1.6 These are board-wide rules that are followed at all times. But also note that various sections contain additional guidelines. Those rules are also enforced, and should be followed accordingly.

#1.7 Do not report post requesting for a moderator to -rep the post. Such reports will be ignored.

Warning System

#2.1 The warning system is based on a set amount of points. These points do not expire. Various offenses accumulated for a set number of points, however may be altered depending on the level of offense:

10 Points = 3 day suspension

20 Points = 2 week suspension

30 Points = 1 month suspension

40 Points = Permanent ban

Infractions are a result disobeying the rules.

#2.2 Disagreements should be discussed within the Talk To Staff section only. Please note, disrespectful responses can result in further infractions.

Posting Guidelines

#3.1 Topic titles must be valid to your problem. Please refrain from posting "HELP!!11" or use of all caps.

#3.2 Responses to members must ensure respect. Disrespect may result in a warning or a ban depending on the offense. Please refer to the report system. If you wish, please read our detailed policy on respect, and why it's strictly enforced.

#3.3 Content in posts / topics / responses must not contain (but is not limited to): Flaming, Sexual Harassment, One-Liner responses ("+1", "lol", or use of emotion), evading the word censor, Selling of unapproved accounts, Advertising (without approval), All caps or random use of caps, Racism, Sexism (or any form of hate crime), excessive typing (ex. "LOOOOOOOOOOO") which results in breaking the forum skin width.

#3.4 Spam posts are not tolerated. Content considered spam are as listed, but not limited to: internet meme's, photo meme's, spam advertising, trolling, etc... This rule is also enforced for PM's.

#3.5 Flaming or provoking of members in public is not tolerated. PM conversations are private for that matter. Se7ensins is not liable of arguments taken place outside the forum.

#3.6 Posts need to be legible to help members to understand. Please practice the use of proper grammar. Do not insult members based on grammar as it steers away from the topic and causes problems.

#3.7 Personal information posted in general, as well as false impersonations, illegal content, or selling of a person confidential or personal information can and may result in a permanent ban.

#3.8 Refrain from quoting large posts. Please maintain the amount of text and/or media (including images) that you include in your quote to a small quantity to avoid the thread's presentation and performance from suffering.

Profile & Signature

#4.1 Avatars are restricted to 125 pixels by 125 pixels & 50kb in file size.

Staff icons, symbols, or images are prohibited. All avatars must be distinct from ones currently in use by a staff members to refrain from possible confusion or impersonation.

#4.2 Signatures are restricted to 500 pixels by 200 pixels, max. Only 1 image + 3 userbars are allowed in the signature space.

Unapproved advertising, or links to sites containing illegal activity or referrals are prohibited.

#4.3 Prohibited content for both avatars are signatures are, but is not limited to: Graphical or explicit content, Advertisement/Referrals, Sexual content, any forum or Media (with the use of MEDIA tags).

#4.4 Animated avatars & signatures are limited to premium members only.

#4.5 Custom member or user titles must not contain 3rd party links, advertisements, large symbols, or explicit content.

Final Guidelines

#5.1 When you registered, you have agreed the negotiations of the forum Terms of Service & Disclaimer and Privacy. Please take the time to read over these documents.

#5.2 All rules are subject to change, and will be enforced at the moment of change. Members will be notified of such changes. Staff reserves the right to punish members for rules not stated here.

#5.3 We do not condone our users to spam other sites. If you are a site owner and this has happened to you, please contact us at and give us the  address and we will see if they are in our database. If they are, we will ban the user.

#5.4 Swagger is not liable for any scams made off the site. Any backdoor transactions and activity are done at your own risk, and we will not take action even if proof is provided. If scammed on the site, please ensure details and send to staff management, in which we will take legal actions.

When making transactions, please use common sense and follow the rules of BST section guidelines.

#5.5 Do not ask for any staff position.

#5.6 Premium content is confidential to the public. Any leak from premium content may result in termination of premium access, regardless of payment, and is non-refundable. Warning & permanent ban may also follow.
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